At KPS Solutions, we have an experienced team of experts that have extensive knowledge in all facets of dewatering services. 

Our skilled team members will assess your job site and determine the best course of action for lowering the water table. We utilize high-quality equipment to ensure that your project is completed properly and efficiently.

dewatering solutions

Construction Dewatering

Construction Dewatering typically utilizes pumps for lowering accumulated ground and surface water from open trenches and excavations.

dewatering solutions

Sump And Pump

Dewatering is often done with sump and pump systems. A sump is a pit that collects water, and a pump is used to remove the water from the sump. Sump and pump systems are commonly used to lower the water table at job sites.



Mine Dewatering

Dewatering is often used in mining operations, as it allows for a drier work environment and prevents flooding. Our dewatering services are available to mining operations in need of water table lowering.

As well as providing turnkey solutions we can customize various pump solutions to meet your needs.

Emergency water management / containment

We offer dewatering services for emergency water management and containment. If you have a construction project that is being affected by a high water table, we can help. We have a team of experienced professionals who are familiar with all the latest dewatering techniques 24/7 year round.

Site drainage

If you’re working on a construction project, water table levels can have a big impact. If the water table is too high, water can seep into the job site and create all sorts of problems. That’s where our dewatering services come in. We can lower the water table so you can continue your construction project worry-free.

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